VIMASYS is a project visualization, model validation and a visual project management software. It integrates 3D CAD models produced in a variety of software in a single model and allows you to visualize project management process. VIMASYS transforms the boring job of quality management, task scheduling, cost management, and collaboration with other teams and companies into enjoyable and visual form. VIMASYS is specifically developed to minimize time and money losses due to coordination and collaboration problems that are common to large scale industrial facility projects.

By utilizing VIMASYS, you may;

  • combine 3D computer models of different disciplines and you may establish high level of coordination between them,
  • find clashs in between objects and fix them long before the structure is built at the site,
  • thanks to state-of-the-art computer technologies, get most out of the power from your existing hardware,
  • investigate the whole and the tiny details of your projects by using easy-to-use and intuitional graphical user interface,
  • query information about an object such as which its discipline, by whom it is modeled, manufactured, etc.
  • filter objects according to their disciplines, types etc. quickly, therefore, for example, you may focus on profiles that are used as piping supports,
  • as a project manager, you may colloberate flowlessly with engineers, draftsman, sub-contracters and manufacturers by using the advantages of being in the same environment,
  • validate the conditions and rules that are determined at the begining of the project which are forced by spesifications and customer needs. For example, you may check whether the materials of structural steels are ST44 or validate the usage of available bolt assemblies,
  • create an issue record for problems, assign these issues to personel and interact with them on this issue,
  • create tasks, interconnect with each other and assign with visual objects. In addition to that, you may visualize time schedules and manage project resources,
  • store incoming and outgoing documents, share them with others and bind them to visual objects,
  • detect the erection issues and fix them beforehand.

VIMASYS is provided as three packages;

  • Basic: Unlimited number of models can be imported to the project and clash control
  • Plus: Additional to Basic package; model validation, document management and issue management
  • Pro: Additional to Plus package; Project and resource management, revisions and materials lists

VIMASYS has a viewer that you can add up to three models to your project. You may sign up and download this version and start to investigate the capabilities of VIMASYS.

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With its capabilities and features, VIMASYS is not a suitable utility for academic usage. However, if you wish, you may download and use VIMASYS Viewer.

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