COMOSYS provides a complete set of tools for several disciplines (civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and architectural) during the project design of any structure (either industrial facilities or conventional structures).Starting from the import of technical drawings, analysis and the design of the structure to detailing with the results of analysis, COMOSYS supplies easy to use, efficiency boosting tools. All the work process is based on the 3D model of the structure, and this leads to detect clashes among the objects, automatic preparation of workshop and site drawings, and also automatic preparation of detailed material lists.

One of the leading engineering and design companies in Turkey, Prokon Engineering, is also one of the leading customers of the most softwares utilized in the sector. With the increase in the number of employees, due to the increase in the licensing expenditures of engineering and design softwares (mostly originated from abroad), it is decided to establish a company to develop in-house softwares. In 2001, Proya Software and Trade Co. is established as a member of corporate group and initiated to develop the software "COMOSYS" by native engineers. Totally financed with equity capital, COMOSYS is actively utilized since 2003 by more than 30 engineers, constructors and drafts-men employed in the corporate group. COMOSYS is developed according to the necessities and the suggestion of the users. Several famous projects are completed with it rapidly and successfully. Such a software, developing for ten years, which is also proved its maturity, is decided to be released as commercial product.

Either small or big, more than 100 of projects are completed by utilizing COMOSYS. Drawings of 200.000 tons of steel is automatically generated by COMOSYS. If you would like to view some of these completed projects, you may watch this video.

COMOSYS is composed of general purpose modules that do not force you to model in pre-defined formats, such as;

Structural Analysis and Design
Steel Detailing
Reinforced Concrete Formwork and Rebar Detailing
Electrical Detailing
in addition to the specific purpose modules, such as;

Facade and Roof Finishing
Tank Detailing and Drawing.
Besides, COMOSYS has two distinctive modules, AutoAdjust and IntelliConnect. AutoAdjust is an automatic placing tool of profiles according to connection and erection principals. IntelliConnect is again an automatic tools for connecting the whole structure with proper details.

At first glance,COMOSYS provides a financial advantage with its monthly rental licensing option. You do not need to pay a fortune for an engineering software. The main advantage of COMOSYS will be the drastic decrease in man/hour rates required to complete your projects. COMOSYS gets this power from 3D model of the structures which is formed easily and quickly with an advanced, user-friendly interface. After the analysis and design of the structure, You may use the same model to complete the detailing by using the results of analysis. Site drawings, workshop drawings and material lists are generated automatically by using the same 3D model, as well. In case of a revision, you may easily make the changes and COMOSYS automatically detect the updated drawings and regenerate them. So, besides the shortening in design process, the management of the project becomes easier.

COMOSYS has a viewer in which you may open and navigate in sample projects. You may sign up and download this version and start to investigate the capabilities of COMOSYS.

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What about paying small rental fees monthly for the modules you required and for the time period you used instead of paying a fortune at once to your engineering software? Therefore, you will be either pay for just the utilities that you used and stay legal by using licensed softwares. Please check out the details of our licensing options.

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COMOSYS provides import/export of world standard formats such as DXF, SDNF, S2K, PXF, PMF and STD. In addition to these, with the help of file formats developed, it is also possible to import/export objects from AUTOCAD and AVEVA PDMS without loosing their definitions. With its such capabilities, COMOSYS provides the freedom and ease of importing and exporting their projects.

Of course, switching engineering and drawing software is a serious process for a design office. Any detail about the project and possible interruptions should be carefully determined in advance. COMOSYS mainly lies on the 3D model of the structure. After a short period of time for the adaptation of main principals and working process, users may easily initiate the production. Besides, modules of COMOSYS mostly have similar features and tools with the world-known software that are used in the sector. Users that are familiar with this softwares can rapidly adopt to COMOSYS. "Start-up" trainings are also supplied for the products to support our customer at this stage. As a final resort, users always free to move backward and forward with their projects by using the extensive import/export features of COMOSYS.

If you did not start-up your company recently, you probably have licensed engineering and drawing softwares, already. So, why you should prefer to use COMOSYS, anyway. Because, COMOSYS brought up all the necessary tools for all stages of project design, together under a single software. You may start with a single model and finally obtain the drawings from this single model. You do not lose any time for importing/exporting your projects or data in between different softwares. You may model structural, mechanical, electrical and architectural objects/equipments/details at the same project file and detect the clashes among them, beforehand. COMOSYS aims to shorten your work process by supplying special tools. In such a competitive industry, you may move one step ahead by utilizing COMOSYS on your projects. Additionally, you may receive a more reachable user support.