COMOSYS Tank Design module is built on general purpose structure of COMOSYS but provides specialized commands for modeling of tanks. COMOSYS Tank Design module can increase the productivity of the user by a significant amount. You will find that the after setting up the system you will be able to detail tanks which normally took up to a week to detail in a matter of hours. These savings in man-hours translate into profits while also giving the user a lot of space to accommodate minor revisions.

Shell Plates Modeling


The program allows the user to model the main shell of the tank with effortless ease. Several options are available to arrange the plate-work in such a way which not only minimizes material losses but allows for local shifts to keep away important welding areas from nozzles. All parameters (standard plate dimensions, stagger of the shell courses, minimum acceptable plate width) are customizable to give optimum details. Plate thickness of each level can be changed manually. The development of the plates can be done according to either inside diameter, outside diameter or average diameter of the tank.

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Base Plates Modeling


Base modeling automatically divides the base area into smaller plates using a staggered mesh. The user can specify the width and height of the plate and their orientation. The plates can be placed overlapped, spaced or just face to face. Also the plates can be placed on top of each other to maintain base curvature. The base of the tank can be surrounded with annular plates if desired.

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Roof Plates Modeling


Roof modeling options are similar to the base modeling. A given plate width and height is used for a staggered mesh to cover the roof area. If the roof of the tank is conic, the equivalent roof area is calculated.


Nozzle and Manhole Modeling


The nozzle element consists of three parts; the flange, the body and the reinforcing plate. The diameter and the length of these parts can be modified. The reinforcing plate can be in diamond or circular shapes. Tank nozzles are divided into two groups according to their region, namely roof and side nozzles. Roof nozzles are placed by giving radial distance and an angle. The side nozzles are placed by an angle and a height. The side nozzle’s orientation can be perpendicular to tank surface or can be inclined vertically and horizontally. Nozzle list is created automatically and added to the general arrangement drawing.



Ladder Modeling

The program allows the user to create a ladder inside the tank. The width and the spacing between stairs can be modified. By defining the start and end elevation of the ladder the position of the ladder can be placed with ease.


Foundation Modeling

The program supports three different cross sections. Also the shape of the foundation can be selected as circular or regular polygon..

Manual Modeling

To provide further flexibility to the user, basic objects such as plates, profiles and solids can be added to the tank under certain groups. These groups are used in the shop drawings and material take-off of the tank.

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Production of Shop Drawings

The model is used for the production of shop drawings. The program prepares separate drawings for main shell, base plates, roof plates and general views. The main shell drawing includes the unfolded plate mesh, the wind girder detailing, stiffener detailing and anchor bolt detailing. The dimensions are created on unfolded main shell plates and the nozzle holes on it. The roof and base drawings prepares both general details and the plate’s part drawings. The roof drawing also shows the nozzle holes if there are any. The general drawing shows the 3D model of the tank and its components such as its equipment, support columns and beams. Nozzle orientation is also given.


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Automatic Material Take-Off

Each shop drawing produces its own material take-off. Material take-off includes part mark, description, quantity, material, unit weight and total weight of the item. The columns of the table can be arranged as desired. The order of the fields can be changed or the field itself can be omitted..


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