Using advanced steel connection commands and extensive connection library, a few mouse clicks is what it takes to connect steel members in COMOSYS. All a user needs to do is to run appropriate connection command and select members to be connected. Even this “simple and quick” procedure; however, takes considerable amount of time when it is to be repeated for large number of joints. A medium sized building has more than a hundred “typical” joints each of which corresponds to several identical ones, amounting to thousands of joints that need to be connected. In large structures number of typical joints might be well over a thousand. COMOSYS provides a solution that automates this repetitive procedure: IntelliConnect.




IntelliConnect is a tool that makes connections of all joints in a structure with appropriate connection types according to preferences of the user. The user simply has to select the regions that he/she wants to make connections of, in which case one can select entire structure or a part of the structure like a floor or a truss, and then run the IntelliConnect. It will, then, decide which type of connection is the best for each joint according to types and placements of profiles connecting to it and if necessary adjust some connection parameters before finally creating connection elements. When the IntelliConnect is done with its job, most of the joints in the structure would be connected, leaving only joints with complicated details that require special attention.


In short, IntelliConnect will make you save significant amount of man-hours.

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Large Number of Joint Connectivity Types


IntelliConnect can make connections of purlins and girts, of most types of truss connections, floor beam joints where also horizontal bracings exist, and batten plates of all types of twin profiles. Simple vertical bracing connections are handled, too.


In total, IntelliConnect provides solution for 36 different cases grouped in 9 categories. These categories can be listed as follows:

  • Splice connections
  • Batten plate connections
  • Sag rod connections
  • Vertical bracing connections
  • Truss connections
  • Purlin and girt connections
  • Floor beam connections (with horizontal bracing connections if there are any)
  • Beam – Column connections (with horizontal and vertical bracings if there are any)
  • Base plate connections (with vertical bracings if there are any)
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Even though batten plate, sag rod, girt, and purlin connections are standard and very simple connections, their numbers are too many that detailing of these connections require significant amount of man-hours.  IntelliConnect can complete detailing of these joints in the order of minutes, which otherwise could take hours.

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Floor Beams and Beam-Column Connections


IntelliConnect can automatically connect not only simple joints but also many complex floor beam joints. It does so by utilizing complex algorithms that makes intelligent decisions. For instance, when connecting a floor beam joint, it takes into account profile types, profile sizes, and orientations of connecting frames and other parameters such as moment releases for selecting appropriate beam to beam connection type. If there are horizontal bracing elements, then, they are connected with suitable connections, too. In case of insufficient space for bracing connections, IntelliConnect can apply certain amount of offsets to bracings to make room for gusset plate connections. Alternatively, it can try different beam to beam connections before offsetting bracings to see if it is possible to connect whole joint without offsetting bracings.


At the joints where horizontal bracings do exist, IntelliConnect also perform some constructability checks. For example, even if gusset plate of the bracing connection does not clash with plate(s) and bolts of beam-to-beam connection, gusset plate stiffeners might hinder tightening of bolts and nuts of beam-to-beam connection. In such cases, IntelliConnect either reserves some working space for hands and tools by offsetting bracing accordingly or it will remove the gusset plate stiffener.


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Beam-to-column connections can also be handled by IntelliConnect. Depending on analysis properties of connecting beams, IntelliConnect chooses between fixed connection types or hinged connection types. Simple vertical bracing connections are also made. If vertical bracing connections clash with beam-to-column connections, bracings can be offset either on to beam or on to column.

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Customizable Working Parameters


Although IntelliConnect works fully automated, it can also be customized to full extent. The user may modify almost all decisions made by the IntelliConnect and may change various parameters. For instance, the user may ask for a specific type of beam-to-beam connection to be tried first at floor beam joints or he/she can totally disqualify certain types of connections. Similarly, it is possible to specify maximum offset distance that can be applied to bracings or modify the incremental step size used for offsetting.


In addition to be able to configure general connection strategies, IntelliConnect also contains numerous detailed parameters for selecting appropriate COMOSYS connection type. For each connection type following parameters exist and can be set by the user:

  • Profile types (including twin and built-up profiles) that can be specified separately for primary and secondary members
  • Maximum and minimum dimensions for profiles
  • Directions and planes from/on which secondary members can connect to primary member
  • Frame end-force releases for primary and secondary members
  • Minimum forces acting on the members (in which case results obtained from analysis are ignored)

While users can fully specify which connections are used by IntelliConnect in each case, default settings of IntelliConnect work very good as well. They are based on advices from experienced engineers and constructors and set in accordance with generally accepted steel detailing rules.

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Interactive Report and Inspection Tools for Connections


When IntelliConnect completes its process, it displays a report indicating which joints are connected and which ones are not. The user can then inspect these connected and not connected joints using an interactive reporting tool. This tool lets the user easily browse through structure to inspect problematic areas. Consequently, any joints supplied to IntelliConnect in a batch operation but that could not be connected do not escape user’s attention in the midst of hundreds or thousands of joints.

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