Our policy is to maintain our vision of providing cutting edge technology through actually creating high end technologies rather than merely using them. To this end, we employ the brightest minds in the business, cooperate with academia and keep raising the bar to previously unachievable levels. This ensures that we are never following trends but rather creating them.

In order to fulfil the overall requirements of our customers, we develop each component of our products in-house. After the technical review and testing, our products are release to our users employed in our Group of Companies and checked again by the users, as well. Feedbacks from users are responded as soon as possible, so, it is guaranteed to obtain a tool that correct in action and easy to use.

One of the distinguishing feature of our products is the experience and opportunities supplied by the industry leading company, Prokon Engineering. With the power of bidding the prestigious projects of the industry, limits of engineering and project design are tested and at every stage of these projects new challenges are encountered. These challenges are accomplished with the experienced employees, and outcomes are reflected to our products.