Who we are?

Proya Software and Trade Inc. is established on 2003 as a member of Prokon-Ekon Group of Companies in order to develop high end softwares for the construction industry. Proya Software provided a complete integrated solution for all stages of project design with its product, COMOSYS (Construction Modeling Systems), that is developed since its establishment. COMOSYS enables projects to be completed with an increased efficiency and speed by providing that structural analysis, design and detailing can be carried out at the same model. Different disciplines such as civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and architectural can be combined at this single model as well. It provides a general purpose environment and tools, however, supports the user with specific purpose tools to shorten the time required for these specific tasks. Proya Software which is aimed at developing high end softwares, is eagerly carrying on its duty to supply the best solutions for its customers.

Our Background

Another member of Prokon-Ekon Group of Companies and one of the leading engineering and design companies in Turkey, Prokon Engineering, is also one of the leading customers of the most softwares utilized in the sector. With the increase in the number of employees, due to the increase in the licensing expenditures of engineering and design softwares (mostly originated from abroad) of Prokon-Ekon Group of Companies, it is decided to establish a company to develop in-house softwares. In 2003, Proya Software and Trade Co. is established as a member of corporate group and initiated to develop the software "COMOSYS" by native engineers. Totally financed with equity capital, COMOSYS is actively utilized since 2003 by more than 30 engineers, constructors and drafts-men employed in the corporate group. COMOSYS is developed according to the necessities and the suggestion of the users. Several famous projects in the country are completed with it, rapidly and successfully. Although Prokon-Ekon Group of Companies has a bunch of licensed engineering softwares, since 2010, most of the projects are completed by using COMOSYS. Such a software, developing for ten years, which is also proved its maturity, is decided to be released as commercial product on 2014.